Facilitating The Development Of Core Value

Facilitating The Development Of Core Value

Facilitating the development of core values of the students poses a lot of challenges to a headmaster.  Not only does he need to encourage his students to strive for excellence in their academic performance but he needs to provide his students a learning environment that would allow them to grow and develop into human beings with dignity and pride for the  good values that they have imbibed.  He must always be committed in his profession as a facilitator of change and must always be one with his students in their struggle to discover themselves and the things that are in their environment.  How he should be able to equip his students the core values that would prepare them to the challenges of the society when they go out of their classroom is an art and a craft that he needs to master if only to prepare his students to the reality of life.

Students should not be left to stay in their ivory towers.  It is important that a headmaster instill in the hearts and in the minds of students the correct values and attitudes in life.  He must be able to open the eyes and the minds of his students to be critical so that they can arrive to sound decision as they go along in their journey.  Decision making is a real challenge especially in this present social context where there are so much injustices and oppression, and greed.  However, if a headmaster knew his craft of facilitating development of the core values such as honesty, integrity, dignity, leadership, pride in cultural heritage and many more, a student can never be wrong in making decisions.

A headmaster holds in his hands what his students could become.  If he is passive and indifferent and unconcerned his students might not be able to withstand all the harshness that the society brings.  It is a matter of choice.  If he chooses to make a difference, a headmaster must strive to bring out the best persons out of his students.



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